Johan Cruyff Institute gives a masterclass to sport management students from the United States

September 1, 2017

Johan Cruyff Institute da una masterclass a estudiantes de gestión deportiva de Estados Unidos

A group of 22 sport management students from United States colleges visit the Johan Cruyff Institute to receive a masterclass in the big differences in the football management of European football

A group of 22 students from different colleges in the United States, accompanied by four of their tutors, visited Johan Cruyff Institute in Barcelona as part of their study trip. The students, between 20 and 25 years of age, are studying different degrees in sport management, and having the opportunity to get to know the European model – very different from the American one, both in management and in operation – was an interesting complement to their education.

Living Sport, a company that has created a program with studies abroad so that both students and graduates can complete their knowledge with some international experience, considered that it would be very special  for their students to take advantage of their stay in Barcelona and receive this education at Johan Cruyff Institute. Alicia Marinelli, CEO of Living Sport, explained that “the opportunity our students have had to visit the Johan Cruyff Institute adds great value to our trip to Barcelona. To receive a class at a first-class academic institution in sport management will offer our students a wider vision of the sports industry and a perspective of the sport business at an international level”.

Johan Cruyff Institute gives a masterclass to sport management students from the United States

Oliver Seitz, academic director of the Master in Football Business at the Johan Cruyff Institute offered in collaboration with FC Barcelona, gave the group a presentation on the big differences in management that there are between American and European football, as well as explaining the peculiarities involved in working at a club with the characteristics and world prestige such as FC Barcelona. “Obviously, there are many differences”, explains Oliver. “But the biggest is that, in Europe, football clubs are independent and compete in an open league, with several divisions but within a common system, while in the United States, clubs are franchises of a closed league, which does not allow other clubs to join without paying a fee as an economic compensation. In the United States, players also sign their contracts directly with the league, which also decides which team they are going to play for”.

“Many of our students are great football fans”, says Alicia Marinelli. “And getting some firsthand knowledge of the management model of a club like FC Barcelona is a fantastic growth opportunity for these young professionals”.


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