Academic training in sport management for the Peruvian Chamber of the Sports Industry

September 21, 2021

Academic training in sport management for the Peruvian Chamber of the Sports Industry

Johan Cruyff Institute adds the Peruvian Chamber of the Sports Industry to its network of corporate partners, with the aim of offering its associates and its members a future in sport management

Through the agreement signed by the two entities, all their staff and the employees of the associates of the Peruvian Chamber of the Sports Industry (CPID) interested in developing a professional career in sport management, will be able to access the Johan Cruyff Institute‘s entire offer of academic programs in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, and football business, with interesting economic advantages.

The main mission of the CPID is to integrate, represent and train institutions, companies and managers in the sports industry in Peru, publicizing their activities and consolidating their prestige at a national and international level. The Peruvian Chamber of the Sports Industry makes available to those interested modern technological systems that enable the professionalization, growth and improvement of the sector in Peru.

“At the CPID, we are convinced that the growth of the sports industry comes from the work of people within the different organizations in the sector. That is why we consider the work carried out by Johan Cruyff Institute fundamental to helping the professional growth of the sector and training people who want to specialize in sport,” says Dagiorto Carrera, administrative manager of the CPID. “This agreement is a great opportunity to promote the aforementioned and to reinforce our position to consolidate the sports industry in the country.”

Students of Johan Cruyff Institute will also benefit from this agreement through gaining accessing to possible internships or jobs at the CPID, depending on their availability.


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