Almere City FC, new corporate partner of Johan Cruyff Institute

September 5, 2019

Almere City FC, new corporate partner of Johan Cruyff Institute

Almere City FC has become part of the select group of corporate partners of Johan Cruyff Institute through the signing of an academic collaboration agreement

Johan Cruyff Institute and professional football club Almere City FC have signed a collaboration agreement to reinforce each other in academic matters. The agreement brings special advantages for the staff, athletes and trainers of the club, who can obtain interesting discounts of up to 20% on the study programs in the field of sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching offered by Johan Cruyff Institute, with the aim of stimulating the development of their professional career.

In addition, the agreement offers more benefits for the football club and the students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute like, for example, being able to participate in special study cases, attend guest lectures, do internships and take part in the organization of joint educational activities.

Almere City FC, new corporate partner of Johan Cruyff Institute

Marïel Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, with John Bes, CEO of Almere City FC * Photo: Ron Baltus

Almere City FC, whose first team plays in the second highest division in the Netherlands, the Keuken Kampioen Divisie, is the only professional football club in the Flevoland province and the youngest in the Netherlands. The club embraces the latest technological developments and distinctive strategies with a view to being a progressive club. It has taken on the role of being an early-adopter by responding proactively to developments and innovations in other sports. With all this, the club aims to become a laboratory within the professional football industry and deliver a positive and important contribution to Dutch football.

Almere City CEO FC John Bes is pleased with the collaboration: “For a young and studious club like Almere City FC, a partnership with Johan Cruyff Institute is of great value. Not just the club, but also the players and the employees want to improve themselves every day. For us, it is important that everyone keeps developing themselves, both on and off the pitch. With this partnership, we are perfectly able to achieve this ambition.”


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