Arena Hub commits to the academic training of its community through Johan Cruyff Institute

October 26, 2020

Arena Hub commits to the academic training of its community through Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute establishes a partnership with Arena Hub from Sao Paulo (Brazil), an innovation center focused on sport, with the aim of providing academic training to its community 

With the joint commitment to contribute to the development of the country’s sports industry, Johan Cruyff Institute and Arena Hub formalized an alliance that will enable the community of this sport-focused innovation center to have access to all the academic training of Johan Cruyff Institute. Davis Tenorio, Johan Cruyff Institute ‘s international agent in Brazil, and Antonio de Castro Neves, commercial head of Arena Hub, signed the collaboration agreement on Friday, October 16th.

From this partnership, the community of professionals, startups, organizations, and other members of the Arena Hub ecosystem will be able to benefit from the specialized programs that Johan Cruyff Institute offers in the areas of sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, coaching and football business. The agreement also includes the exchange of talent, with possible internships for students of Johan Cruyff Institute, and mutual collaboration in teaching programs or lectures, seminars or webinars.

Arena Hub is considered to be the largest center of innovation and encouragement for sport-oriented entrepreneurship in Latin America. Its main objective is to support the development and growth of initiatives, businesses, technologies and ideas in the sports industry, to promote social and digital transformation, and in this way, to generate a social and economic impact, uniting all the stakeholders in the market.

Arena Hub commits to the academic training of its community through Johan Cruyff Institute

Antonio De Castro Neves (left) and Davis Tenorio (right) signed the agreement at Arena Hub’s offices.

Currently, it has more than 25 sport entities, 15 resident startups and more than 20 associate members working in the sports industry. The project was conceived by EY and 2simple in partnership with the São Paulo State Government and the São Paulo Football Federation, and carried out in conjunction with V3A, BNZ and Allianz Parque.

Renato Gil, co-founder and advisor of Arena Hub expresses his satisfaction with the possibilities that will open up as a result of this agreement: “Johan Cruyff Institute is a player that will be of great value to the members of Arena Hub, in terms of knowledge and information exchange. As it is an international institute, it means a great contribution to the actions of Brazilian startups and great stimulus for the sports industry in Brazil. We are very happy with this collaboration.”

“This agreement represents a great opportunity for Johan Cruyff Institute to contribute to the development of the Brazilian sports industry and generate an impact on its growth and social transformation,” says Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute. “We are very happy to start working with Arena Hub and are confident that it will be a fruitful collaboration.”


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