Argentine Football Association, new Johan Cruyff Institute partner

December 5, 2018

Argentine Football Association, new Johan Cruyff Institute partner

The Argentine Football Association continues to invest in the training of its members by giving them the opportunity to acquire management knowledge at the Johan Cruyff Institute

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Johan Cruyff Institute will work together in providing academic training thanks to the agreement signed by the two institutions. This collaboration will allow the AFA to offer its members the opportunity to access all the academic programs of the Johan Cruyff Institute with special discounts and the students of this institution the chance to study first-hand cases related to Argentine football and to apply for internships offered by the AFA.

Founded in 1893, the AFA is the oldest football association in South America and the eighth oldest in the world. Argentine football was not only one of the first to become organized, but it was also the first on the American continent to join FIFA, in 1912.

The AFA has an academic training school directed by Pablo Barbieri, who showed his great satisfaction with the agreement reached. “For the AFA, it is a very positive alliance, because we are talking about a creation of Johan Cruyff, one of the best footballers in history and a notable coach. Someone who lived all his life linked to the world of football, and who understood the game like few others, as well as the business that surrounds it. This agreement is clearly adapted to our training project and the result of an initiative by the AFA management and its Sportsmanship, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee. It will allow us to provide an invaluable service to our managers, footballers, coaches, referees and AFA staff. Hopefully, many of them will be able to enjoy these special discounts they will receive for online courses in specialized subjects so in vogue these days like sport management and sport marketing,” says the director of the AFA’s training school.


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