Johan Cruyff Institute and Globatalent to collaborate for the benefit of sports fans

June 4, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute and Globatalent to collaborate for the benefit of sports fans

Johan Cruyff Institute adds to its network of partners Globatalent, a platform that allows sports fans to make money from their passion for sport through buying and selling the rights of future stars and obtain a digital visa card offering discounts and privileges

The agreement between Johan Cruyff Institute and Globatalent will be executed through different actions. Firstly, the students and alumni of the academic institution will be able to obtain a Johan Cruyff Institute visa card issued by Globatalent, different from the traditional banking model, without commissions, with which they can get discounts and other advantages in sports-related shops.

Secondly, and with a training focus, the community of Johan Cruyff Institute students and alumni will get to know first-hand the Globatalent sport platform, which aims to redefine the role of fans within the sports industry, placing them at the center of a more inclusive ecosystem.

“At Johan Cruyff Institute, we want to go hand in hand with business projects that bring innovation to the sports industry. Globatalent is a company that meets these conditions and we are very satisfied with the agreement reached with them. It is our purpose to continue adding value to the world of sport in a most collaborative way and, furthermore, we are convinced that Globatalent will be a very attractive product for our community of students and alumni,” said Cristina Palés, marketing manager of Johan Cruyff Institute.

Ferrán Martínez, chief sports officer at Globatalent, said that “for me, as a friend of Johan Cruyff, it is an honor to be able to unite the paths of Globatalent and his academic legacy. Words like ‘sport’ and ‘social work’ were key in Johan’s philosophy. These concepts are part of Globatalent’s DNA and it is for this reason that I am sure he would be proud of this agreement.”

“Fans are the essential, determining asset in sport, and must be respected and given access to the benefits of this business. At Globatalent, we strive to achieve this and that is why it is an honor for us to carry this message to the students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute, as current and future managers of sports companies,” added Sunil Bhardwaj, CEO of Globatalent. Sunil founded this international company with Ferrán Martínez, Gabriel Treiband and Iñaki Cabrera. It has a global presence in Latin America, Asia and Europe and currently has more than 25,000 users.

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