Guayaquil City to receive training from Johan Cruyff Institute

February 14, 2018

Guayaquil City to receive training from Johan Cruyff Institute

The collaboration agreement signed with Guayaquil City will enable the club’s players, members and employees to do our programs in sport management and marketing with special conditions

Johan Cruyff Institute and Guayaquil City FC, formerly known as River Ecuador and a member of the Serie A of the Ecuadorian Football League, have reached an agreement so that the club’s players, members and employees can access our academic training with special conditions.

They will be able to choose between all the online academic programs from the Johan Cruyff Institute and will have a discount of up to 30%. The president of Guayaquil City FC, Miguel Ángel Loor, values this association very highly. “It is a great honor to be associated with an institution of such renown and reach in international football as the Johan Cruyff Institute. It will be a fundamental pillar in the institutional development of the club by providing us with management tools that will prepare us to take the best decisions, not only for own benefit but for Ecuadorian football in general”.

The network of students and alumni of the Johan Cruyff Institute will also have access to job offers and internships at the Ecuadorian club.


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