Johan Cruyff Institute and Female Coaching Network expand their collaboration framework

July 2, 2019

Johan Cruyff Institute and Female Coaching Network expand their collaboration framework

Johan Cruyff Institute and Female Coaching Network renew their commitment for 2019 and expand their collaboration framework in educational matters

Johan Cruyff Institute and Female Coaching Network have decided to extend the collaboration established two years ago, which provides a variety of training programs for coaches, including the Master in Coaching, conferences, workshops and webinars, to coaches around the world and to expand its collaboration framework in educational matters. With this new agreement, the members of the organization will also have access to all the programs of Johan Cruyff Institute in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Football Business with special conditions.

Vicky Huyton, founder and coach of Female Coaching Network, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration: “This is a really exciting step forward for the Female Coaching Network. It not only raises the profile of our community within Europe, but it will also allow us to connect with more women who coach on the continent. We will be working closely to bring innovative learning experiences for women who coach and grow the community of female coaches to work towards our vision of a more diverse workforce across all levels, in all sports and all countries.”

This global agreement also includes the participation of staff from the Female Coaching Network team in the teaching of some Johan Cruyff Institute academic programs, as well as their collaboration in the development of the annual webinar on coaching.

The importance of this agreement responds to the mutual interest in providing support to coaches around the world, promoting diversity in sport, expanding the connectivity network and enhancing their sport management knowledge.

Female Coaching Network is the leading global community of female coaches who support, drive and influence real change in favor of sports diversity. Founded in 2014 by UK athletics coach Vicky Huyton. It currently consists of almost 50.000 coaches across social media, website and newsletter with diverse profiles from around the world.



The Master in Coaching is developed for everybody who seeks self-knowledge and self-development with the aim to improve oneself as a (sport) coach and/or manager. This 7 month program is based on the vision of Johan Cruyff in which sport coaching is more than using tactical and technical knowledge. It is about yourself, the players & staff, the team and the environment. We believe that you can only coach others if you know how to coach yourself.

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