Johan Cruyff University is now called Johan Cruyff Academy

September 12, 2016

Johan Cruyff University is now called Johan Cruyff Academy

The name Johan Cruyff Academy is the best option for repositioning the programs within their three Universities of Applied Sciences and the academic Cruyff Network

The three Johan Cruyff Universities in Amsterdam, Groningen and Tilburg have a new name: Johan Cruyff Academy. The new name was chosen by the Johan Cruyff Institute and the three Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands that they are a part of, in order to reposition the study program for elite athletes. The new name ensures a good position for the three Johan Cruyff Academies within their University of Applied Science, the international Cruyff Network and Dutch society in general.

By applying the new brand name, the three Johan Cruyff Academies are also anticipating a possible legislative change in Dutch higher education law, under which the name ‘university’ will be reserved for the traditional universities that are recognized by the Dutch government. With the change of name, Johan Cruyff’s desire to help athletes balance sport with studies will be preserved for the future.

What Johan Cruyff made so unique will be put into practice at the Johan Cruyff Academies: a style of education that is motivational, intuitive, pragmatic, optimistic, social and curious, where challenges are taken on together, with team spirit and a focus on excellence and inspiring others, and for the benefit of everyone. Thanks to this ‘Cruyffian education’, student-athletes are able to optimally develop their talent, both in their sport and in their studies.

The Johan Cruyff Academies are part of universities of applied sciences that have always set great store by sport-oriented education of high quality. The athletes at the Johan Cruyff Academies follow a four-year, full-time study program in Sport Marketing, a learning path of Commercial Economics. The program is 100% focused on sport, where the knowledge, skills and experiences of student-athletes in the sports world are integrated into the curriculum. Student-athletes learn to manage their studies like entrepreneur, where the acquired knowledge can be directly translated into (sport) practice. The programs are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO), which awarded an ‘outstanding quality mark’ to the program in Amsterdam and rated the dedication to elite athletes as excellent.

The Johan Cruyff Academies are part of the international academic Cruyff Network, which also includes four Johan Cruyff Colleges (vocational education) in the Netherlands and five Johan Cruyff Institutes (Masters, postgraduates and courses) worldwide. By offering Bachelor Programs to elite athletes the Johan Cruyff Academies offer a unique contribution to the mission of the Cruyff Network to help athletes build themselves a productive future.

As Johan Cruyff said, “athletes possess certain remarkable qualities. They are committed and goal oriented. With such qualities and the proper training, they can become successful professionals in the sport world. Nobody can serve the interests of sport better than someone with the heart of an athlete.

Further Information: Johan Cruyff Academy

Further Information

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