Johan Cruyff Institute promotes academic training in the sport management in Turkey together with LobbyLobos

September 29, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute promotes academic training in sport management in Turkey together with LobbyLobos

Johan Cruyff Institute reaches a collaboration agreement with the media and communication agency LobbyLobos to promote academic training in the sports industry in Turkey

Johan Cruyff Institute will bring its sport management academic training model to Turkey thanks to the agreement reached with the media and communication agency LobbyLobos, licensee of the Turkish edition of FourFourTwo, one of the most read and respected British football magazines in the country.

LobbyLobos incorporated FourFourTwo into its structure in 2019, obtaining leadership in the national market. They carry out editorial activities and academic studies and, recently they have moved into broadcasting and are currently preparing the launch of FourFourTwo TV, a new Turkish football channel. Johan Cruyff Institute, with a portfolio of 92 programs in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, Football Business and Coaching, will reinforce the Turkish company’s commitment to the professionalization of the sports world from the academic perspective.

“Turkish football has to survive non-professional management and major economic problems because there are not sufficient numbers of professionals and there is no respected institution in Turkey to help professionals grow in football clubs,” says Can Elmas, general manager of LobbyLobos and FourFourTwo Turkey. “On this point, we greatly appreciate the legacy of Johan Cruyff, who built modern football. Our goal is that more people will be able to benefit from the academic programs of Johan Cruyff Institute in Turkey, and thanks to that, more professionals will look to the future with confidence. We are very honored to be the communication agency of this institution that will change Turkish football in a positive way.”

“This agreement will allow us to expand our commitment to the development and professionalization of the sports industry in a country like Turkey. I am convinced that the partnership with LobbyLobos will be very valuable,” said Cristina Palés, marketing manager of Johan Cruyff Institute.


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