Racing Club chooses Johan Cruyff Institute to give its players academic training

May 20, 2020

Racing Club chooses Johan Cruyff Institute to give its players academic training

Racing Club partners with Johan Cruyff Institute to offer benefits to its players and staff who want to get academic training in sport management

Through the signing of a collaboration agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute, the Argentine sports entity known as  Racing Club de Avellaneda will now offer all its players and staff the opportunity to access, with important benefits, the professional academic programs in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching offered by Johan Cruyff Institute.

This agreement opens the doors for Racing Club players to receive academic training that will prepare them to enter into the business world of sport once their sports career is over. The club also wants to promote the professional growth of its employees to keep up to date with the evolution of the sports industry.

Racing Club chooses Johan Cruyff Institute to give its players academic training

The president, Víctor Blanco, and the staff of Racing Club welcomed our general manager, Mariel Koerhuis, on her visit to the stadium.

Racing Club, an institution with a long tradition and with more than a hundred years of history, was one of the first clubs in the country to adopt a professional management of its brand 10 years ago. Currently, a wide variety of professional and amateur sports are practiced at the club, with football being its main sporting activity. Its president, Víctor Blanco, commented that “it is a joy for us to establish this strategic alliance with a prestigious institution like Johan Cruyff Institute. For Racing, a club that is in full growth, it is important that it be accompanied by professional support. This is, without a doubt, a very positive link that will also enable us to continue showing the Racing brand to the world.”

The first contact that was generated between the two entities was in December 2018 with a visit to the club’s facilities by Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute. “I could feel the strong bond between Racing Club and its fans the whole time that I spent at the ‘Cilindro’,” recalls Mariël. “I am especially excited that the entity is formally linked with our institution for the professional training of its players, coaches and staff. It highlights that the passion the club feels for the game is crossing the sports borders to give access to greater training for its professionals. This historic club with a modern spirit is committed to its talent beyond the playing field, and is an example for the future development of Argentine football.”


Academic Programs

On campus programs at the Johan Cruyff Institute include visits to sport organizations, clubs and facilities so that students can experience firsthand the challenges faced by sport managers on a daily basis. We also feature Master Classes by guest speakers who occupy key positions within the different areas of the sports industry. Online programs offer the possibility of studying in any place at any time through the Virtual Campus. The study pace can be adapted to each individual's workload and availability. A tutor guides each student through the entire program.

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