Sporting Cristal signs a collaboration agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute

October 25, 2019

Sporting Cristal signs a collaboration agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute

The Peruvian club Sporting Cristal ensures the academic training of its players and staff through an agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute

The commercial director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Román Pascual, and the general manager of Sporting Cristal, Alfonso García-Miró, met at the facilities of the Peruvian club to sign a collaboration agreement between the two entities that will enable all the players and staff of Sporting Cristal to obtain high-quality academic training in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching. All the programs will be available to club members from next semester with interesting discounts.

Sporting Cristal signs a collaboration agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute

Román Pascual (on the left) and Alfonso García Miró (on the right), happy with the agreement.

Sporting Cristal, a sports club whose main activity revolves around football, has played in the Peruvian first division since its inception and is one of the main references in Peruvian sport. Alfonso García-Miró, general manager of the entity, believes that “our values as a club go hand in hand with the philosophy of Johan Cruyff Institute, and through this agreement we will try to encourage sport professionals to train in sport management, as well as offer our players and employees quality training with special benefits.”

As part of the collaboration established by the agreement, Sporting Cristal will now join the global network of companies participating in Johan Cruyff Institute’s corporate internship program. When an internship vacancy becomes available at the Peruvian club, interested students can apply and have an opportunity to experience the reality of working at the club and put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in our programs.


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