Johan Cruyff Institute and The Footballer’s Corner seal an agreement on academic training

November 2, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute and The Footballer's Corner seal an agreement on academic training

Johan Cruyff Institute and The Footballer’s Corner are joining forces through an academic training agreement to offer the agency’s players and staff the opportunity to access all our programs in sport management with significant discounts

Johan Cruyff Institute and The Footballer’s Corner have formalized a collaboration agreement for academic training that will allow this agency representing football players to expand its services to its community of athletes, with access to our portfolio of programs with interesting benefits.

The Footballer’s Corner, a registered agency based in Switzerland, represents footballers, providing support during and after their professional careers. Through this agreement, Johan Cruyff Institute will offer the athletes and staff of The Footballer’s Corner significant discounts on its programs in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching, as well as the possibility to access its customized educational projects. Meanwhile, students of Johan Cruyff Institute will be able to do an internship at this organization when places are available.

“We believe that our players’ education is their key to success. To invest in acquiring knowledge and developing skills is how our players progress and flourish on both professional and personal levels,” said Alex Clark, founder and CEO of The Footballer’s Corner. “The values and philosophy of Johan Cruyff Institute coincide with those of our agency, hence the reason we are excited to initiate this valuable partnership. As Johan Cruyff himself said, ‘Who better to serve the interests of sport than someone who has the heart of an athlete?’.”


Academic Programs

On campus programs at Johan Cruyff Institute include visits to sport organizations, clubs and facilities so that students can experience firsthand the challenges faced by sport managers on a daily basis. We also feature Master Classes by guest speakers who occupy key positions within the different areas of the sports industry. Online programs offer the possibility of studying in any place at any time through the Virtual Campus. The study pace can be adapted to each individual's workload and availability. A tutor guides each student through the entire program.

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