The role of education in the professionalization of the football industry

September 15, 2020

The role of education in the professionalization of the football industry

Johan Cruyff Institute will lead a panel discussion on the role of education in the professionalization of the football industry at Soccerex Connected, with live participation from Alfred Finnbogason (a forward at FC Ausgburg), Sean Bai (director of Valencia CF Academy) and Chris Ewing (director of Edusport Academy) in a session moderated by Rebecca Smith (executive director at Cop90)

Johan Cruyff Institute will play a leading role in the first edition of Soccerex Connected, the virtual event organized by Soccerex on September 21-25 to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The panel hosted by the academic institution that was founded by Johan Cruyff will feature Bundesliga star and FC Ausgburg striker Alfred Finnbogason, Valencia FC Academy director Sean Bai and Edusport Academy director Chris Ewing to discuss the role of education in the professionalization of the football industry. Rebecca Smith, a former professional footballl player and currently global executive director of women’s soccer at Copa90, will moderate the panel which can be followed live on September 23rd from 4.50pm CEST on the Soccerex Connected platform.

Since its founding in 2002, Johan Cruyff Institute has been committed to providing 100% sports-oriented academic training to athletes and to those professionals in the sector who want to contribute to making the football business not only one of the most productive industries from a financial point of view, but also one of the most professional. “The more qualified each key stakeholder in this ecosystem is, the better the football industry becomes as a whole. There is a need to upgrade and leverage quality standards in the football business, through greater professionalization, which can only be enhanced through one key success factor: education,” says Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute.

As well being one of the stars of the Bundesliga and a leading stricker for Ausgburg FC, Alfred Finnbogason is also a former student of Johan Cruyff Institute. The Icelandic international footballer graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Management Online in 2016 and, used to aiming high, continued his education in 2017 with the Master in Sport Management Online, a qualification that will allow him to continue leading the industry he knows so well from management positions. Chris Ewing will also share his experience as a graduate of the Master in Sport Management that same year and director of Edusport Academy, an academy that ensures the academic training of its young promises, which he founded in 2011. They will be joined by Sean Bai, who Valencia CF has put in charge of its academy to carry out the updating of its development programs and other projects.


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