Johan Cruyff Institute and Sporting de Gijón collaborate in development and innovation

October 25, 2018

Johan Cruyff Institute y el Real Sporting de Gijón, de la mano en desarrollo e innovación

A collaboration agreement with the Fundación Escuela de Mareo Real Sporting de Gijón will allow both institutions to work together on the promotion of values and the development of the world of football from the academic side

Johan Cruyff Institute and Fundación Escuela de Mareo Real Sporting de Gijón (the Sporting de Gijón football club foundation) will join efforts to transmit and continue jointly developing common values, such as innovation and the development and professionalization of the world of sport. The general director of the foundation, Germán Robles, visited the facilities of the Johan Cruyff Institute for the signing of the collaboration agreement between the two institutions and to lay the foundations, together with the director of the Johan Cruyff Institute, Mariël Koerhuis, of the actions to be followed.

Johan Cruyff Institute and Sporting de Gijón collaborate in development and innovation

Germán Robles, general director of the Fundación Escuela de Mareo Real Sporting de Gijón, and Mariël Koerhuis, director of Johan Cruyff Institute

Learning about the history, management and day-to-day of a club like Real Sporting de Gijón, a reference in football in Spain and Europe, will bring value to the students of the Master in Sport Management and the Postgraduate in Football Business at the Johan Cruyff Institute. Not only for the opportunity to learn from a benchmark club through case studies and lectures, but also to access the internship places that the club can offer. And from a more recreational point of view, the students will also obtain discounts on the activities that Sporting de Gijón organizes.

For the Fundación Escuela de Mareo Sporting de Gijón, the agreement means to continue developing projects that benefit and make their management more efficient and, for its employees and members, to be able to access all the academic programs of Johan Cruyff Institute with very interesting discounts. “We are proud to sign this agreement with a prestigious institution like the Johan Cruyff Institute”, says Germán Robles. “Since its inception, the club has known how to promote training, research and solidarity as fundamental principles, as well as from the foundation, where the commitment to training in values and innovation have been our great pillars. This important alliance will allow us to discover the great value of generating knowledge about football, in addition to contributing to the innovation and international expansion of our club and our foundation. Through this agreement, we assume a global commitment with a benchmark institution under the legacy of one of the great legends of world football, as was Johan Cruyff”.

Mariël Koerhuis, director of Johan Cruyff Institute, highlights that “the authenticity of Real Sporting de Gijón, in combination with its new strategic focus on development and innovation, make it an interesting partner for the Johan Cruyff Institute. The two institutions share the tireless aspiration to continue professionalizing the football industry. The creation of synergies between technology companies, universities and sports entities that the club promotes from its foundation is a challenging and promising course of action which we join with satisfaction”.


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