CDAG, COG and Johan Cruyff Institute join forces for academic sports education

September 27, 2021

CDAG, COG and Johan Cruyff join forces for academic sports education

The Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG), the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala (CDAG) and Johan Cruyff Institute promote the academic training and professionalization of the entire Guatemalan federated sport system

Sport has become one of the most relevant social phenomena on the international scene , and investment in knowledge at the organizations that govern federated sport in each country is key to its professionalization. In this sense, the Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG), the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala (CDAG), which brings together all the sports federations, and Johan Cruyff Institute have joined forces to promote academic training in sport management throughout the whole Guatemalan federated sport system.

The three entities have signed a collaboration agreement that will allow the entire collective represented by the COG and the CDAG to access training programs in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching, starting from this new academic year and with special conditions.

“Under an institutional strategic plan, which targets training, capacity building and professionalization, the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala and the Guatemalan Olympic Committee are committed to the development, comprehensive and professional training of the entire federated sport system. This agreement will be of great benefit for the training and professionalization of our athletes, managers and collaborators, who make up the federated sport system, in order to strengthen their integral and professional training,” assures Karla Slusher, director of academic training at the CDAG.

Johan Cruyff Institute, with more than 20 years of experience in providing vocational education, bachelor’s degrees and executive training currently offers 94 programs—on-campus, blended and online—dedicated entirely to the sports industry and offers its partners, students and former students the possibility to network with more than 300 entities worldwide. As a complement to the academic syllabus, Johan Cruyff Institute organizes free webinars for its entire network, which are a very practical and effective way not only to learn about real cases in the sports industry, but also to connect directly with active professionals in the sector.

“It is very significant that these official organizations in Guatemala are focusing on the development of talent off the playing field; it shows a vision for a lasting future. I hope that the ways of collaboration between our institutions will be beneficial for Guatemalan sport and an example to follow for other Olympic movements in favor of the academic training of sports professionals,” said Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute.

Thanks to this agreement, the COG and the CDAG will also have access to seminars offered as a complement to their academic offerings and tailor-made training, with courses specifically designed according to the training and professionalization needs of both groups and their member organizations.

Luis Arboleda, international agent of Johan Cruyff Institute Guatemala, considers that “the signing of this collaboration agreement with the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and CDAG is an unprecedented achievement in LATAM because it is the first Olympic Committee in Latin America to sign an alliance of this nature for the benefit of the entire sports ecosystem in the country. We are convinced that this signing will mark a before and after in sport management in Guatemala and will generate great benefits to all sports organizations, thus educating the next generation of leaders in sport management in the country.”

About the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala

It is the highest governing body in federated sport at the national level. It is responsible for coordinating the management, promotion, massification and development of sport at the national level.

About the Guatemalan Olympic Committee

Its mission is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement, introducing processes of preparation, improvement and excellence in sport in the search of achievements and results that reflect the high level of performance nationally.


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