Learning from FC Barcelona

April 1, 2019

Learning from FC Barcelona - Johan Cruyff Institute

The Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona is the only program in football business and administration based on the management model of FC Barcelona

This year the module focused on the Club has had a  duration of 2 weeks and a large number of professionals who work in the different operational and strategic areas of FC Barcelona. The participants of the program have had the opportunity to learn and interact with them.

In this tables we show you the areas and speakers.

First week

Guia Museu VIP tour museum + store visit
Marcos Picalló Head of Barça Universitas
Cristina Peña i Bagés Head of Business Intelligence
Ryo Fukaya Rakuten Sponsorship
Albert Alvarez Social Area
Javier Sobrino Head of Strategy & Knowledge
Gonzalo Rodríguez 1st women team delegate
Carles Bargalló Sports Technology & Innovation
Xavier Armengol Ciudad Deportiva & La Masia
Handball match Barça Lassa – BM Benidorm


Basketball Match Barça Lassa – San Pablo Burgos

Second week

Aisha Al Project Manager Fundació Barça
Natalia Prats Head of Purchase
Alessio Sarina Marketing Director
Alejandra Puyante Tour VIP (VIP Seats & Boxes)
José Luis Beltran Digital Project Manager
Champions League FC Barcelona – Olympique Lyon
Jordi Penas Museum Director
Octavi Tarrés Sports Ticketing
Bill Manarrelli Espai Barça
Albert Mundet Head of Barça Innovation Hub

And here you have a brief summary of what students have experienced these two weeks:


Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona

The main objective of the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona is to educate with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and insights from the football industry. Students will analyze the core theories and relevant case studies that will help them visualize the behavior of the football business. Students will also have the opportunity to learn, interact and contribute with FC Barcelona business strategy and operations.

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