Johan Cruyff Institute, official collaborator of the Spanish Hockey Federation

February 24, 2022

Johan Cruyff Institute, official collaborator of the Spanish Hockey Federation

The Spanish Hockey Federation has incorporated Johan Cruyff Institute as an official collaborator and academic partner with the aim of jointly developing sponsorship and promotional activities and facilitating academic training in sport management among its elite athletes

The Spanish Hockey Federation (RFEH) and Johan Cruyff Institute have reached a deal to sign a collaboration agreement that makes the institution founded by Johan Cruyff an official collaborator and academic partner of the federation. The aim of the agreement is to develop sponsorship and promotional activities and to facilitate academic training in sport management for players of the national hockey team and clubs in the First Division, as well as other stakeholders of the Spanish federation.

Johan Cruyff Institute joins the RFEH in a special year for international competitions with the organization of the Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup, which will be held in Terrassa and Amsterdam from July 1 to 17, with Spain and the Netherlands as host countries, and in which 16 national teams will compete.

“We are especially excited to strengthen our close relationship with hockey through this partnership,” said Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute. “The hockey players’ collective already counts many alumni among its members and thanks to this agreement, there will be even more of them. We aim to contribute to the development of talent in this sport in Spain and beyond.” Illustrious names in the history of international hockey such as the Dutch players Billy Bakker and Bram Lomans or the South African player Justin Reid Ross, or former members of the Spanish national team such as the brothers David and Ramón Alegre (in field hockey) and Jepi Selva, Octavi Tarrés and Alberto Borregán (in roller hockey), to name just a few examples, have passed through the classrooms of Johan Cruyff Institute in recent years.

The RFEH will have at its disposal all Johan Cruyff Institute’s knowledge and know-how in the field of sport management, offering its professional athletes of the national team and other federated members first-class academic training with a 20% discount on all the postgraduate programs offered by Johan Cruyff Institute. The agreement also includes a full scholarship offered by the academic institution for an online or blended master’s degree, or two online postgraduate courses to be awarded to athletes or members of the federation. All clubs and regional federations affiliated to the RFEH will be able to attend two specialized workshops in sport management organized by Johan Cruyff Institute exclusively for this group.

The president of the RFEH, Santiago Deó, stated that “it is a real honor for the RFEH, and by extension for Spanish hockey, to be able to collaborate with such a prestigious institution as Johan Cruyff Institute. An organization that, since its founding, has demonstrated the enormous quality of its academic training, which is the best attraction for the large number of students who have since decided to study at this institution. It is a privilege that our athletes will also be able to have thanks to this agreement, thereby being able to offer them a high degree of excellence in their training.”


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