The Catalan Baseball and Softball Federation watches over the future of its members

May 15, 2018

La Federació Catalana de Beisbol y Softbol vela por la proyección de sus asociados - Johan Cruyff Institute

The collaboration agreement signed with the Johan Cruyff Institute will allow members and staff of the federation to access education in sport management with special conditions

The Catalan Baseball and Softball Federation (FCBS) and Johan Cruyff Institute agreed to sign a collaboration agreement that will allow the two institutions to feed off each other’s experience in the sports industry and to educate new generations in sport management. As a result, all FCBS members and staff will be able to access the academic programs of the Johan Cruyff Institute in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, Football Business and Coaching, with a special discount.

FCBS professionals will also contribute content to the programs of the Johan Cruyff Institute and will be able to collaborate in case studies or presentations that the Institute may organize. The FCBS will also inform the Institute’s master’s and postgraduate students of any available internships.

“For the Federació Catalana, the signing of this agreement is very important because it allows us to offer our athletes and technicians the possibility to learn in a pioneering entity in the field of sport management and, furthermore, with economic advantages. We believe that a good sports culture is based on the education of future athletes and technicians”, said Jordi Vallès, president of the FCBS.


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