Johan Cruyff Institute and PROSPORT Management create synergies to boost the dual career of its athletes

April 23, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute and ProSport Management create synergies to boost the dual career of its athletes

Johan Cruyff Institute and the American sports management agency PROSPORT Management sign an agreement that will promote the dual career of the agency’s athletes

PROSPORT Management, a sports management agency based in the United States, has joined the list of institutions linked to Johan Cruyff Institute with the purpose of offering its athletes a future in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, and football business management. Thanks to the agreement signed between the two institutions, all those athletes represented by the agency interested in developing a professional dual career in management in the sports world, will be able to benefit from discounts on the entire range of courses, postgraduate and master’s degrees offered by Johan Cruyff Institute.

PROSPORT Management focuses its activity in the worlds of racing, golf, basketball, soccer and American football. Among its portfolio of clients are, stock car racing driver Chase Elliott; professional golfer Bubba Watson; professional basketball player Dewan Hernandez, who plays for Toronto Raptors in the NBA; and promising young football talent Erik Palmer-Brown from Manchester City, currently on loan to FK Austria Vienna of the Austrian Bundesliga, among many others.

Oskar Olsen, co-head of the soccer business at PROSPORT Management, says he is “very excited to partner with Johan Cruyff Institute to offer our members opportunities to continue their education, and help them prepare for life after playing football. Combining a high-level professional career and elite education, we foresee this partnership opening up new opportunities for our players and giving them the necessary tools to excel in the next stage of their careers.”

Román Pascual, commercial director at Johan Cruyff Institute, comments for his part that “this alliance is a good opportunity to join forces with a sports agency with over 30 years of experience such as PROSPORT Management. This collaboration helps us to continue with our mission to professionalize the sports industry through education and shared knowledge.”

The students of Johan Cruyff Institute may also benefit from this agreement through being able to access to future internships or job offers at PROSPORT Management, depending on their availability.


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